Aroma Massage Candle Vanilla

Get a wellness break in your own four walls with these high-quality massage candles. The lively fri aroma will not ..
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96.00 €
76.80€/100ml, additional delivery costs

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Get a wellness break in your own four walls with these high quality massage candles.

The lively freshness Aroma not only stimulates your senses, it also creates a harmonious atmosphere together with the soft light.

The harmonious vanilla scent, in combination with the soothing warmth of the massage oil, acts as a balm for the soul. At a melting temperature of 50 -60 ° C, the liquid beeswax is applied directly as oil and massaged into the tense parts of the body. The massage technique tailored to this ensures deep muscle relaxation and soothing warmth.

The skin-caring properties of the oils unfold in a velvety manner -soft skin feeling and revitalize body and mind.

Scent: Vanilla


Docht anzünden und dann den warmen, ergiebigen Wohlfühl-Balsam auf die Haut auftragen. Sanft einmassieren und der warme Wohlfühl-Zauber entspannt den Körper, die edlen Düfte verzaubern die Sinne.

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