Honey Mask DE LUXE in a refillable luxury jar

This honey mask with caviar in an elegant luxury jar is a tempting, gold-shimmering innovative one Treatment ...
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Honey mask with caviar extract

This honey mask with caviar in an elegant luxury jar is a tempting gold-shimmering innovative treatment, specially developed for a high-quality and lasting massage experience:

First of all, the consistency allows it to glide gently on the skin surface and Gradually changes its composition in three different ways - from a thick, honey-like micro-emulsion, to a smooth oily gel, it turns into a milky emulsion.

Rich in caviar- Extract develops this face and body - honey mask during the application a variety of regenerative properties. The caring ingredients of the caviar penetrate deep into the skin and supply the skin with the important vitamins A, B, D as well as trace elements and amino acids. Same At the same time, the honey covers the skin like a veil and thus ensures a lasting pleasant feeling and makes the skin appear silky soft.

The interaction of these ingredients intensifies the regeneration processes in the skin cells and has a lasting effect the permanent humidification at the same time counteracts the aging process of the cell and slows it down!

For a soothing & amp; Unique body massage ritual!