AAA Gel Polish 'Gaga'

AAA Gel Polish 'Gaga'
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Scratch-resistant & amp; protective high-gloss Polish with long hold!

Properties at a glance

  • Fast peel off without acetone, solvents or nail polish remover
  • < li style = " margin-bottom: 10px; line-height: 130%; "> Shelf life up to 10 days, significantly longer on toenails
  • No drying time / cures in 60 seconds in the UV / LED device
  • high gloss until last day
  • scratch-resistant, without abs ittern
  • Protects and strengthens the natural nail
  • Easy application


Would you like to walk into a Save the nail studio and quickly make beautiful, reinforced nails yourself?

Would you like a much easier application than modeling with UV gel?

Are the conventional modeling too artificial for you? < / p>

Do you like to change the color and still want a similar durability of a UV gel?

La Ric's exceptional UV nail polish is just as easy to apply as a classic nail polish, can be removed much more easily than a UV Polish and offers almost the durability of a UV gel. It is absolutely long-lasting and high-gloss and splinter-free during the entire period of wearing. In addition, it can be removed easily and without any solvents or acetone. This promises beautiful Polishesd nails for several weeks, and if the color has grown out or you have grown tired of the color, you can change it by simply peeling off the nail polish and applying a new color. Our AAA Gel Polish 2 in 1 is also ideal for nail design or anyone who is a little inexperienced in applying a Polish, as it retains its gel-like texture until it hardens under the UV / LED lamp.

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