Security Standards

Secure shopping with Trusted Shops is certified through Trusted Shop. That seal stands for proven quality and is only given to:
  • Shops with excellent service

  • Checked based on objective criteria

  • Money-Back Waranty always inclusive

Criteria of quality

The online store is obliged to comply with the legal regulations on distance selling , e-commerce and data protection in electronic commerce .

1. Identity and access

In the online shop the company name and address are simply discoverable and transparent. There is a possibility offered to contact the online shop quickly and easily .

2. Data protection and security

In the online shop personal data are only collected , processed, used and disclosed to third parties , to the extent permitted by law or the customer has given his explicit consent.

Customers are comprehensively informed about the use of there data.

If the online shop is sending advertisements via email, the recipient is provided an opportunity to cancel further receivings.

The online store protects the personal information of customers adequately against misuse. In particular, the transfer of sensitive payment information ( account numbers , credit card information ) is solely encrypted .

3. Products and costs

All products offered are described clearly and understandably .

Only products are offered whose sale is not prohibited in law and is not contrary to the Trusted Shops catalogue of exlusioms. Where necessary , appropriate age controls are in place.

All product prices , shipping costs and other additional costs are given transparent.

4. Delivery and payment

The customer is informed about the expecting delivery time. If the delivery time cannot not be complied, the customer will be informed immediately.

At the latest with introduction of the ordering process the offered payment methods and the delivery areas are shown.

5. Ordering process.

The ordering process is clear and understandable. In particular it is recognizable by the customer when a chargeable order is called. Before submitting the order the customer will be informed about the products , product prices , shipping costs and other incidental costs. The receiving of the order will be confirmed immediately via email.

6. Withdrawal

The customer is informed about the right of withdrawal and on possible exceptions. The right of withdrawal is not unduly limited.

7. Trusted Shops warranty

The online store offers the Trusted Shops guarantee . The customer is secure against the loss of the purchase price in the event of non-performance or after returning the goods - regardless of the payment method .

8. Quality indicators

Trusted Shops continuously measures the following quality indicators , which must comply with the online store .

8.1 Reviews

The overall grade of the obtained Trusted Shops reviews must be at least 3.0 .

8.2 Refunds

At least 95% of the orders with completed Trusted Shops Guarantee must run escalation free, so that no request for a refund of the purchase price on the Trusted Shops Guarantee is required.

8.3 Feedback

At least 95% of warranty inquiries by Trusted Shops at the online store must be answered within five working days .