No Lite Gel

Highly effective nail gel with calcium panthotenate.
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19.00 €
172.73€/100ml, additional delivery costs

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11ml / 0.3 fl.oz.

For a high-gloss finish in no time!

LA RIC tips:

Use to protect your skin from environmental influences, detergents, water and dirt Our liquid glove from La Ric.


Our La Ric Superhardener is a top coat that dries in no time and leaves a high-gloss finish on the nails. It is ideal for strengthening soft and weak natural nails. The La Ric Superhardener is a highly effective nail gel with protective and strengthening calcium pantothenate Your nail polish will also have a significantly longer shelf life and an absolutely high gloss It's quick and easy in the air.


Start with the perfect manicure from La Ric, with one of our exclusive sets.

Apply our La Ric Superhardener, like an ordinary nail polish, directly to your natural nail to give it more strength. You can repeat this process until the desired thickness is reached, make sure that you apply the individual layers thinly and allow them to harden sufficiently.

Your natural nails are now protected, reinforced and shiny. Your nail polish is also protected from scratches and chipping. It can be removed with acetone-free nail polish remover.

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