Soap Roses Apricot-Rose

For hand washing: drizzle a soapy rose petal with a little water in your moistened hand and then feel it en der ange ...
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9 Stück, additional delivery costs

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9 Stück

The soapy roses, which have a wonderful scent of fresh apricots, make washing your hands and body a sensual experience. The decorative and beautiful packaging makes the soaps - in the form of flowers that never fade - also ideal as a small, tasteful gift.

Application for hand washing: Remove a petal of the soapy rose and drizzle it in your damp hand with a little water. You will then experience a pleasant, delicate and fragrant cleansing in a creamy foam.

Use for body washing: A whole rose is perfectly adequate for a large bathtub. Rub the individual leaves of this rose in warm water so that your bath lathers nicely.

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