AURA SPA room fragrance
wild berry

Our room fragrances fill your home with seductive, fresh, calming fragrances! Brings joy of life, harmony and well-being! Application: V ...
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38.00 €
19.00€/100ml, additional delivery costs

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The various seductive, calming and fresh scents from La Ric fill your home with joie de vivre and harmony and wellbeing. Depending on your wishes and room size, the fragrance intensity can be controlled with the number of rattan sticks supplied. Let the fruity wild berries scent create a relaxed holiday feeling in your own four walls. La Ric room fragrances are unique and can be used for 2-3 months .

Use: Remove the cap and replace it with the enclosed wooden cap. Then insert any number of rattan sticks and enjoy the scent that will soon unfold. Our room fragrances are available in attractive containers and are therefore also wonderfully suitable as gifts.

Fragrance: wild berries
(Description of the fragrance notes)

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