No Fragrance

The ultimate & amp; gentle cleansing of the skin!
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No Fragrance

1 piece

The aroma cushions are available in different scents and are addictive. They can be used cold or warm. The different herbal mixtures promote the natural harmony of body, mind and soul and help with various ailments such as head, limbs and neck pain. Application: 2-3 minutes in the microwave at 600 watts or 200-260 degrees in the oven. This is how you achieve 200-250 applications with a cushion. The aroma cushions (lemon / lemon) are in an aroma-tight box You can order matching white covers as accessories to protect the cushion.

Natural warmth / applications can help with:

• Tension, especially in the neck and back area
• Intervertebral disc and back pain
• Lumbago
• Joint problems / osteoarthritis
• Rheumatic problems
• Cold symptoms
• Relaxation and wellness

Because the cushions cannot be washed en, a cotton cover is available as an accessory. You can order this individually or in a pack of 3.

Scent: lemon / lemon
(description of the fragrance notes)

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