The ultimate & amp; gentle cleansing of the skin!
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The different herbal mixtures consist of 100% natural aromas and not only smell pleasant, but also promote the harmony of the body, Mind and soul and help with various ailments such as headache, limb pain and neck pain.
The aroma cushions are available in different fragrances and the La Ric aromas ensure a pleasant feeling of wellness and absolute relaxation.

For example, lavender has a cleansing, anti-inflammatory and cell-regenerating effect, whereas Exotic promotes the joie de vivre with the scents of passion fruit and pineapple and offers sensual pleasure with its beguiling effect. Their croissant-shaped shape makes them particularly suitable for a tense neck, and their practical size and neck-supporting effect make them wonderful r suitable for travel.
In addition to the aroma cushions, we of course also offer you washable cushioncases that protect the cushion and ensure the appropriate hygiene.

Our aroma shoes also offer relaxation and pain relief, especially in the wrist and ankle areas the aroma glove!

Natural warmth / applications can help with:

• Tension, especially in the neck and back area
• Disc and back pain
• Lumbago
• Joint complaints / osteoarthritis
• Rheumatic complaints
• Cold complaints
• Relaxation and wellness

(description of the scent notes)


Eine ausgewählte Mischung von Kräutern und Ölen verleihen dem Reis, der gleichzeitig als Füllstoff für die Kissen dient, das entsprechende wohltuende Aroma.

Die Aromakissen werden ohne Anwendung von Chemikalien und in reiner Handarbeit hergestellt.

Es handelt sich um ein reines Naturprodukt!

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